The Aesthetical Revolution

The new SCIENCE of Beauty



The Scientific Comitte is led by Pr. D. REDUREAU (Phd) and aesthetic Doctor, Dermatologist,  Biological Pharmacist and other Scientists are also participating to our research.


Production is conducted with major French industrial operators , leading  manufacturers in exporting medical devices in over 50 countries and several cosmetic laboratories famous for the quality of their products since several decades.

A Technological and Conceptual Leap


After treating over 7,000 clients in its prestigious spa in Paris, the scientific team developped this amazing new approach wich can be used for so many face and body skin treatments.


looking for natural and efficient solutions with much more results than classical cosmetics skin cares. Refusing the invasive and painfull methods, most of people are 


SOFTMESOLOGY uses its new patented technics and devices to help its Hyperserums infuse into the skin for amazing results.


All Hyperserums and cosmetics are issued from biotechnolgy, created and Made In France.

3 Innovations

SofmesoLab, the first device with 5 technlogies including the famous Microphoresis.


Hyperserums with exclusive formulas issued from biotechnology and the latest research with patented actives.


Protocol Softwares which run the device to garantee a permanent efficiency and no risk.


                                           Exclusive Cosmetic Line                            

UV Free

Microphoresis (R)

the strongest and fastest way to infuse our actives directly to the cells.


Efficient system to help our formulas go deep into the skin. 



The best action of the cold to maitain the actives into the skin and relaunch its activity.



The latest advances with 471 LEDs, RVB polychromatic and UV free for strong results.


RadioFrequency (RF)

For thermal activation of the skin with fast refirming effect.


ElectroFrequency (EFR)

In order to get actives into the dermis and tighten the skin at the same time.



The best technology to drain the dead fat cells from the body.



Our Patented Microphoresys(R) provides actives to the dermis as efficiently as injections and with no pain...



Cellular Renewal (neo collagen)



Outstanding Clinical Results*

Our unique and patented Microphoresis delivers

molecules to skin cells as effectively as an injection

without any needle and pain.



  • Skin renewal increase (collagen) by 120% !

A firmer skin


Avergae density increases of 20%


  • A firmer skin:  Density increases on average by a significant 20%


Reduced wrinkles



  • Forehead lines decrease by an average of 44% reaching over 50% on half of panelists and up to 90% on panelists with deep wrinkles.


  • Crow’s feet lines decrease also reaching up to 80% on subjects with deeper lines.

  • Self-assessments: Clients just love it !

*Clinical Tests by Gredeco Laboratory – PARIS   -  Dr. Sylvie BOISNIC

Tests ex-vivo & on 20 Healthy Volonteers

Mars 2015